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The nice girl

The “nice” girl

She’s the nice girl. In church settings oh she’s the “good girl”. I grew up trying to prefect this image at school, in church and at work. I always had those key scriptures memorized and could sing all the favourite hymns.

Two years ago God told me to start moving in the prophetic and super natural. But because I idolized my nice girl image over Him and His Kingdom this became very difficult for me to walk in. So I started to really read my bible. And I realized these people working for the Kingdom of God are bad ass. They are warriors breaking out of jails, turning water into wine, escaping from religious leaders, healing the blind, walking through walls and fire, splitting the sea, defeating giants, changing culture, and loving fearlessly! They aren’t out here trying to stay unnoticed and silent; afraid of their image being exposed. They are walking in freedom and power!

God said Kelsey “what have I told you to do, before you walk in any of these giftings and this character”. And I started listing off “well I obey my parents pretty good, and I try not to lie, I haven’t committed murder” God said “that’s great. But you need to love yourself and love your neighbour”.

What does it mean to really love yourself? Not just love the image you try and obtain, or the fire Instagram that you just posted. But to love yourself. To love all your thoughts and ideas. To sacrifice and protect yourself. To be kind and patient with yourself. To not keep a record of wrongs in your heart. To trust and hope in your abilities and dreams. God said “once you understand this go and love your neighbour this way. Teaching them what I have taught you; and you can be sure you will be walking in all the things of the Kingdom. And I will never leave you”.

Today I’m still “nice” but my label isn’t just the nice girl anymore! I'm a warrior, I am strong, humble and fearless. Wanting to bring the love and the power of Jesus into all areas of darkness.

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