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Behind the Kazeil brand. Our story.

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

Welcome to the launch of KAZEIL.CO.

We are Kasia, Kelsey, Kennedy and Kendal Kazeil. For our first blog post we want to share with you the story and purpose behind our brand. 

KAZEIL.CO is not launching from a platform of having it all together.  We are launching from a platform of faith. This platform of faith changed us and it taught us about love and peace.

The idea for KAZEIL.CO grew in our hearts from our broken moments.  From mid week panic attacks at work, 3:00am bar pick ups with broken hearts, slammed bedroom doors and not being able to get off the floor. Pushing through moments of pain and hurt allowed us to experience the love of God. It brought us to where we are today and the purpose of KAZEIL.CO.

So often we caught ourselves saying things that didn’t line up with Gods will for our life. Things like: “We can never do that” “I don’t deserve this” “I won’t be healed”. Our faith was formed by getting up, stepping out and running into the arms of God. Believing that He can, He loves and He heals.

Why and how did this bring us to fashion?

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth out of passion, love and pure joy. There was perfect peace. But lies, deceit, shame and control separated us from peace and continue to separate us today. Until the moment we get up, step out and run into the arms of God.

In our personal relationship with God He told us that in order to change the world and experience this we must also work from that same passion, love and pure joy for the things we want to create.

For us sisters that’s fashion. It’s the innovative passion. How it represents uniqueness. It’s an industry of creative purpose. Fashion pushes the limits of our imagination. It brings joy and celebrates people. Made with love and restoring peace It’s KAZEIL.CO.

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