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Ethiopia 2019

I had the opportunity to join Wagner Ministries on one of their crusade trips to Ethiopia.

I have often questioned Jesus’ calling on my life. Where exactly would you like me to be, Jesus? In my Christian walk I launched myself into every single ministry the church had to offer, just trying to get a taste of the disciples’ fire in Acts.

But still my heart cried out for the unbeliever. How will he know? How will he see? Matthew 28 talks about going to the nations, and by the Spirit’s guidance, nations will come to salvation. provided this foundation to start this.

Ethiopia Day 1: Dr Wagner said, “Too many times we are asking God for corn or clothes when we should be asking for kings and countries!” This hit my heart, because I saw in Ethiopia that the need is too big for me to be praying for food or clothes. I need to be unselfishly at work for the Kingdom of GOD: to bring nations to Jesus. I experienced God’s heart for His children and saw His pow

er manifest in healing, joy, signs and wonders right before my eyes.

Ethiopia Day 2: I stood on the platform and God told me to go sit in the second last row, second chair in. Being obedient, I did. God then said, “There is a woman coming and she will sit beside you; pray for her need.” Worship finished and still no woman had come through the doors. As I was about to get up, shuffling in front of me was a small woman with a scarf over her head, clothes that didn’t fit and both of her wrists were twisted and unable to function. Her face was burned, and she made eye contact with me and sat down beside me. As we began to pray, I held her hands in mine and prayed earnestly, and as I hugged her tight I could feel her scared face right against mine. A few hours later, a member of the crusade team told me that the woman’s mother had begged for three days to make just enough money to get her clothes so she could make the long walk to this crusade to hear the Gospel. As I cried, I remembered Dr. Wagner’s quote: “Too many times we are asking God for corn or clothes when we should be asking for kings and countries!” And I prayed “Jesus give me the nations so I can tell people about you!” I witnessed the joy of new believers and the healing of tumors. I witnessed it all: the heartbreaking compassion and the explosive joy! Muslims raising their hands to turn to Jesus.

Ethiopia Day 3: I haven’t showered or talked to my family in days. The food is different and the sun is hot. It doesn’t sound like a good time, right? But I promise you I have never felt as much joy in my entire life. As I stood in the sun laying my hands on the sick, God started to break my heart for what breaks His. What I saw Dr. Kevin and his team do for the strangers’ salvation has changed my life forever. We are called to take the focus off of ourselves and lay it all on the line for Jesus. That is exactly what they do…and what I want to do.

So many people, men, women, young and old, Muslim and tribal people—they all began to call on ONE name: Jesus! As we would lead the crowd into salvation, you could feel the presence of God and the joy of the Lord wash over the field. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

Ethiopia Day 4: I tried to track all the healings as they made their way to the stage to testify:

•Woman, 40, healed from painful ear liquid coming out and she couldn’t hear for 21 years. Completely healed! •Man, 60, for three years his leg was injured and he couldn’t walk well after that; Needed a cane—Completely healed! •Woman, 60, Tumor in her breast for one year; Size of a fist—Completely healed. And many, many more.

I am in awe of God’s great power over darkness. I prayed again, “God I want the nations! They need you Jesus.” This experience showed me that there is a need and it’s big and we need people radically stepping out of the boat and into evangelism as God leads them. For me I can confidently say: “God, I don’t want corn or clothes. Jesus give me the nations!”

Thank you for supporting we pray for many more opportunities to do local and international missions.

Your purchases made this happen! Thank you.

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