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The understanding of love

Sex talk...

Sex is not a standard for love. No where in 1 Corinthians does it say “love must prove its great in bed and then you can commit”. If our focus as single people becomes the best height of sexual desire; we miss what love actually is. The kindness and patience. The sacrifice and trust. The hopefulness and enduring of all things. When we look for that truth in ourselves and in the person we want to marry we understand the blessing that is sex and we find true love.

Sex is a bond. It’s the closest connection you will ever have with a human; both physical and spiritual. Sex is a good thing created by God. Don’t allow the world to corrupt this gift! By corrupting your view of love into a performance or a competition.

Let’s stop wrongfully and publicly standardizing sex as the foundation of love and attraction. Sex is powerful and meaningful. It’s the only action that creates new life- how freaking beautiful is that!

Daughter and Son of God take courage that God gives good gifts. Your greatness and worth comes from God and not in someone’s limited understanding of love.

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